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Originally Posted by Crown Royal Killah
Dead Prez are two dudes that feel they need to make a stand against the government beacuse of the problems that blacks are having... Fact is, no one is really benefiting from the government so their point hold little weight, hence the reason their record sales are laughable...

The got some dope **** on 'Let's Get Free' (as far as music goes)... The song They Schools has some strong emotion behind it... But if you listen to the track M1 pretty much says Blacks in the Inner City don't need school to be a doctor or a How many freelance doctors do you know? EXACTLY..

Another track of theirs called Propaganda (on the Let's Get Free LP) is worth a spin...
Well . . as a very devout Dead Prez fan, I feel I must defend them a little.
One of the reasons their record sales may be low is because not too many people. Especially once you get out into the more suburban areas.

And the American government has been oppressing all people. The fact is Dead prez can only identify with the oppression faced by black americans because they are black. I would hardly expect them to rap about what it's like being Asian growing up in say South Philadelphia, PA because they dont' know what that is like.

And I have no comment for the song They Schools. And I can think of plenty of countries where it is possible to have no college education and be successful. I know because my grandmom didn't go to college or high school and runs her own business.
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