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Borderlining is a word I made up and thought it sounded pretty good. It means being on the borderline of something (really I mean to say 'bordering on' instead, but that doesn't flow correctly so I made up a new word.)

I'm glad you pointed out the line you didn't like, it was also a dodgy one for me but I'd been a bit lax about changing it. Now I will (not right now, I'll let it drift around my head for a bit first).

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd person usage was entirely intentional, as the 1st person is me, the 2nd person is the audience (who are playing the part of my friends who came into the club with me and are now refusing to let loose) and the 3rd persons are the 'other' people who also came to the club and aren't helping much with creating a party atmosphere. Having said that, there is a definite problem with:

"We paid five pounds to walk into this?
We'll that's an offer I should have missed"

Where it jumps from plural to singular for no reason. I'll sort that out too.
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When Pete plays it is 100% live , your music if that's what you call it doesn't sound so good either? so you can't really critercize can you ?
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