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I guess I'd probably like this forum too if I were a lyricist because of the points you mentioned.
For the negative side, do you feel that the melody is an aspect of the lyrics? So does that mean you write the melody first then the lyrics? But you said earlier that you didn't know the chord progression, so that would mean the lyrics came first which would mean the melody didn't really matter in this forum.

Also, you have the opportunity to become confused as hell about hardcore/screamo lyrics which read like 19th century poetry, but are then delivered (courtesy of mp3 links) like a velociraptor with a voice box, that's just had its leg caught in a meat-grinder. I will never understand screamo.
mm, and not to mention traditional death metal lyrics which are undecipherable but it's obviously less important because you can be 99% sure that it's about...well, death.

btw, what did you mean about the ideas with my wiki article?
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