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The Game of G Unit is the Most Anticipated Hip Hop artist to come out!

BWS Street Team Presents: The Game's CD is as anticipated as Tupac's All Eyez On Me! The Game is the latest edition of the G Unit Records and CEO of Black Wall Street. The Game is expected to not only reach platinum status with his gut wrenching truth telling, and clever lyrics, Game has the whole Western region firmly planted on his shoulders. As many are rooting for him to resurrect the West Coast, he is as anticipated as Tupac's All Eyez On Me Album. This Compton native has been getting a growing buzz with his winning diss to New Jersey native, Joe Budden, "Budden Budden Budden" chanted in the background has amazed even the East Coast veterans, causing a buzz nationwide. Needless to say the "Beef" between The Game and Budden has been recently squashed, it still doesn't erase the fact that The Game's lyrical ability to demolish his competitors is not only an asset that he has, but an ability that can be unleashed given the right time, person and lyrical circumstance.

The Game's story is an interesting one indeed. As this former drug dealer, current gang banger has survived 5 shots, a crime riddled neighborhood, personal dramas and woes, he has lived to tell it, and tells it so eloquently in each rap song. The Game was left for dead 5 years ago, no one thought that he'd live to tell his story. Yet he is alive and well, with somewhat of an attitude, but can you blame him? His debut CD which is set to have the radio circuit editing the lyrics to ensure the people get the message- NIGGAS WITTA ATTITUDE pays homage to the original rap legend Eazy E.

People are already stating that the Game is the best artist to be expected in the fourth quarter. Radio Promoters reveal, "When BWS sent this Game snippet, We sent it to the radio DJs and they all came back with a favorable response. 100% total support regardless of coast." Everyone is anticipating that this West Coast native, but bicoast lyricist is able to penetrate every single region, because his style is universal. He is gritty and unapologetic like Eminem, he is passionate like Tupac, he has an attitude like Ice Cube, and has clever lyrical wordplay like Jay Z . What a powerful combination to have, but more importantly what a relief to have some more talent grace the scene. With this dynamic power punch, everyone in the industry is sure to be intent on getting Game. Do you got Game? Go to to catch up the latest music news. Experience just a glimpse of his talent by this easy download in no time with this electronic press release. Hear his wonderful wordplay, and Dr. Dre's beautiful beats featuring 50 cent!

About BWS Street Team:
BWS Street Team is Directed By: BigFase100 & Gride & Shemia Miller. This Street Team encompasses a global promotions element that is catering to exposing the world to The Black Wall Street Artists

Danny Monts
BWS Street Team
Eastern Region
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