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The Prisoners are a classic example of wrong time, wrong place.Had a band like them existed in London in 2000/2001 with their brand of mod / psychadelic garage rock they would have been all over the music press as the next big thing. However being from Kent in 1982 when the rest of the world was interested in new romantics , new wave , new wave of British heavy metal and various other genres beginning with the word 'new' it was never going to happen.
There`s quite a few influences at work on this album , the album opener 'Better In Black' sounds just like The Jam , even vocalist Graham Day sounds like a more gravel voiced Paul Weller . The following song , the title track 'A Taste Of Pink' is an instrumental song plucked straight from mid 60s , Jamie Taylors organ dominates on this track and theres an obvious influence from the R&B / mod pop bands of the time such as Booker T & The MGs.There are a couple of nice ballads on the album too in 'There Can`t Be A Place' & 'Threw My Heart Away' which are pure mid 80s jangly C86 indie 4 years early. Another highlight is 'Come To The Mushroom' which is pure early Pink Floyd (Try telling me that album cover isn`t a total rip off from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn).There`s also a couple of more 'punk' numbers in 'Creepy Crawlies' & 'Say Your Prayers'.The album finishes with possibly the best track on the album 'Don`t Call My Name'.
I can`t remember where I first heard of this band.I think it was about 3 or 4 years ago reading something about them when this album was reissued.Glad I checked it out though.They put out a couple more albums that were lapped up by their cult following but sadly it wasn`t enough and they lasted just 3 more years and split in 1985. Shame.

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I was there........

Around 1987/88 the BBC`s acclaimed documentary series 'Arena' broadcast an eagerly awaited documentary about 'Heavy Metal' , on 9pm one Friday evening. As a young kid just getting into metal at the time this was unmissable veiwing and I sat down to watch it with my Dad. Expecting to see the usual metal bands of the mid 80s , people were shocked to discover that the main topic of the documentary followed one band....... Napalm Death. From the moment the band launched into their live show things were never quite the same again.
My Dad sat there with his jaw on the ground , I was staring wide eyed at the screen in amazement that a band like this even existed. It might sound old hat now but back then you NEVER had music like this on prime time TV. This to me was my 'Sex Pistols on the Grundy show' moment. They had songs a couple of seconds long , they called Slayer a bunch of wimps , my parents thought it was a joke. They were perfect.
I went to school the following Monday , all the metal kids were only talking about one band , Napalm Death.The metal magazine letters pages went into meltdown , even metal fans thought it was a joke. Suddenly Iron Maiden seemed boring in comparison.
I never did get around to buying the album , no money at that age plus indie albums were hard to get here at the time. I did pick up a couple of their later more 'Death Metal' albums but it was a totally different line up and wasn`t really the same.
I finally did get the album a few weeks ago , with the original Dorrian , Embury , Steer , Harris line up.It bought back so many memories and I listened to this brutal , loud , uncompromising music with a huge shit eating grin on my face.
My first ever contact with 'underground' music , and probably the best too.

Favourite Songs - Evolved As One , It`s A MANS World , Cock Rock Alienation , Mentally Murdered

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