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Originally Posted by Raine
I personally think that music (or any other form of media) should be the blame when a kid goes and shoots some friends or kills himself. The person most likely would've done it anyway no matter what kinda music he listened to.
What about his parents for not teaching him the dangers of guns.
What about the person that gave him the gun & the ammunition.
If he stole it , then again the parents are to blame for not teaching him that it`s wrong.
If he gets a gun & blows his friends head off he obviously has has mental problems before he`s even picked up any album.
If he`s buying that sort of music/movies then his parents should be aware of what he`s buying and to make a point of telling him it`s just an image & shouldn`t be taken seriously.

People should take their own responsability.My mother is a horror movie fan. I grew up with almost every horror movie made in the house on video somewhere , yet I didn`t turn into some psychopathic killer.

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