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Originally Posted by Snickers
I'm backing Israel,if Lebanon started the conflict then it was their decision to do so, and Israel should be able to defend themselves in an independent manner without third party intervention.
Lebanon didn't start crap. Israelis have been attacked and their homes invaded for as long as anyone can remember. fact is, bush is mkaing a big deal outa this because he can and he wants to try and make it look like he's doing something to help mankind during his reign of terror in office.
And he can do it with this Lebanon Israel conflict since Israel is having some problems along the Israel Lebanon border.

And Lebanon has been invaded and attacked by some groups of the past few years as well and has faced a few civil wars in the last century. Come on. Give us a break here.

Something gotta give and the first step towards making something happen is a conference between prominent Israeli and lebanese leaders.

My 2 cents
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