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Originally Posted by Oi_To_The_World
honestly, i dont like wut ive heard from the Game, but then again theyve been all ****ty recordings. shady/aftermath records hypes up everybody- d12, obie, 50, royce 5'9'', knocturnal, lloyd banks, now the game- most of the hype has been untrue (wit exception of lloyd banks in my opinion).

i dont know bout everyone else, but i think 50 is overrated and wouldnt be as successful if people did not have a built in bias that anyone under eminem and dre will be good. plus the getting-shot-nine-times hype.
bottom line- not everything from dre and eminem is going to be a hit.
At any rate, I agree with you about the the 50 thing. he can't even rap. And he's crudding ugly.
He looks like the rear end of a horse.

And I don't know how he got a record deal. I don't even know how he got a record deal with Eminem who is one of the bets rappers out there.

And if he got shot nine times, hoe the heck did the shooter not either get him in the voice box or the heart so we wouldn't have to listen to the crud he calls music.
If I shot him nine times he'd either be dead or unrecognizable.
What is with yous attempted murderers today? I know times have changed but everyone should know how to use a gun or at least if they can't do that get a baseball bat.
A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche
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