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You can say what you want, I am not changing my thoughts on this. And I have better things to do than sit here and argue with a bunch of people that are one sided and can't see truth. I am done replying to you because it's pointless to sit here and talk with you because we will never see eye to eye, and that's fine by me. I'll let you think you won this, because I know I will see this playout to what I know is true. And to think, you are the same one that thinks we evolved from apes...............umm, okay, whatever. You are lost.
Ladies and gentlemen come here, major greeting
Your keeper of wickedry, the path to shangrila
Is missled by he, missled by you
He is of your negativity, he is of your hate
Meet the other half of the jugglin duo
That is your soul
The amazing jack jeckel!!!!

Jeckel another j catch one more
Theyll try and catch all thats instore for you
How many souls will fall from the sky?
How many souls burned wonderin why?
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