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Originally Posted by cambece
My friend's a drummer and I wanted to get him a gift. I wanted to get him one of those drums a drummer boy would have in the revolutionary war. Where would I go to get something like that? I'm near Boston, MA.
Well, if you wanna get him something that seems like it was used in a war, then you'd either want to check out an antique shop (which might take some time and be difficult to find) or look in the used section of a quality drum store such as Guitar Center.It would also be good to put out an ad or even chat with someone on the net that lives close to you, ya hear?

It would be good to get him something like a classic snare from war times.I recommend that it be some form of steel because wooden snares might warp a little after all that time and natural wear, ya see?Plus the metal snares can obviously be hammered or shaped back into shape if needed.Make sure the tuning/lugs are even and tune it for yourself so that you can hear it's range and see how the lugs feel on the snares rims.Anyways, snares are always a good bet because most drummers use several snares, but only maybe one or two kits.Also check out interesting cymbals though, such as 24"-26" rides or other "odd" cymbals that are priceless to many drummers.

P.S. - I'd like to know what kind of kit this "boy" has and what his age is.He might like something different compared to what an aged/experienced drummer might like, ya know?
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