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i was weened on crosby, stills, nash and sometimes young. it's natural then to be a byrd's fan. the original lineup was touted as "america's answer to the beatles" and it turned much of britain off when they toured after things started steam rolling here.

in his biography 'long time gone' crosby describes the evolution of the band that literally started doing garage practicing for gigs out and about and quickly became this juggernaut of a pop band. his fortay was his harmony singing more than his guitar playing. to a person, everyone that ever worked with crosby said that his voice is so very powerful and astoundingly beautiful. the split from mcguinn and the others was over egos mostly but it seemed that those that crosby left behind wanted the three minute pop hit. i think both sides benefitted from the estrangement.

it's amazing how influential bands of that era were and would become for the next comers considering that they only stayed together for such a short time.

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