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Originally Posted by Dizz-E
Very true. But look at Nas' whole career, when was it the strongest? Do you see a trend with rap artists, that when they start out (ie rookie albums, earlier cds) they are spittin fire, and generally start to fall off? Maybe become more commercialized? Maybe run out of sh*t to say?

The industry usually changes a rappers focus and style. But, if it weren't for this and underground became commercial...the sh*t would be fire and rap music would "survive."

**As a side note tho, Im hella excited for his new album under Def Jam, I hear jigga is makin an appearence on it..
But Nas is still better than a lot fo the rookies emerging on the scene.

Nas vs

50 cent
the game

= Nas

I won't go as far as to say he's better than Jay-Z because my opinion will be a little biased sice I don't care too much for Jay-Z's lyrics or his beats but I do aknowledge the fact that he's better than a lot of other rappers.
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