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Polvo - Today's Active Lifestyles

Though most easily described as a "math rock" band, a term used to describe angular, post-punk-like indie rock bands who delve into a fair amount of experimentation with time signatures and the like, on Today's Active Lifestyles Polvo doesn't truly fit in to this category. The album is filled with beautifully off-kilter melodies constructed with odd, invented chords and complex rhythms. Rather than copy the stark minimalism of bands like Slint, Polvo crafted instead beautifully layered albums that toyed with various styles, often being influenced by Eastern melodies (on later albums even adding a sitar) and sounding, in the end, like nothing that had come before, or that has come since (if you find otherwise, please, let me know).

Basically, it's hard to describe this album. But, of all the Polvo albums I've listened to, it's by far my favorite, partly because the vocals are more subdued, and they really annoy me on the other albums, but mostly because it has a far more beautiful collection of melodies and flows marvelously. It's worth listening to if you're a fan of math rock, indie rock, or post-rock, because it incorporates all the styles commonly attributed to those genres to create something wonderful and truly unique.

(The album title is the link, if you couldn't figure it out)
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