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this is a show I started watching about a month ago with my boyfriend.
me and him have come to an agreement about who should win.
Most of them should just stick to singing in bars.

Dilana I think is the oldest, and the most of a rocker then the rest.
I think Dilana will win because she seems to be getting along with the band the most.
She doesn't have a amazing voice but she has more of the steriotypical rocker look and style with her vocals.

Lukas seems to be the most annoying one on the show.. which really sucks because he's canadian and canadians have a habbit of voting for other follow canadians even if there **** and are over the top creepy ugly. he has a good chance in winning because he has a high vocal range. But his voice actually sucks.

Magni has that annoying look.. like the lead singer from cold.. only more healthy looking.. either way he can sing pretty good.. but he just doesn't have that good stage perfmenace.

Patrice also has a good voice.. only she has more of a pop sound.. she is good on stage.. but the fans/tv watchers don't seem to like her and keep putting her in bottom three.

Toby.. well what to say about this guy.. hmm well until last night I didn't even notice him in the house... until during a show he ran around naked to get a song.. anyways after words I realized he is the best looking.. but well there's a reason i never noticed him.

Storm seems to be Tommy's favorite.. but yea.. she has a man like voice when she tries her best to sing.. sometimes she can sing good.. but she's too man for me.

ryan (might have ryan and toby mixed up.. meh) is annoying.. he has that emoish look to him.. and always makes these freaky looks into the camreea.. most times he pays no attention to the people around him when he is perforuming.. and just stands there starring into the cam... I think if he gets any higher then he is.. its because girls will vote for him cause he's half good looking.

anyways lukas sluts.. and canadians shouldn't just vote for the guy cause he's canadian..

and I can say this cause I'm a canadian.. and I've noticed this ****. by the way I'm not saying all.. just some.

anyways who do you want to win?
do you even watch the show?
what do you think of it?
do you think the band will suck either way?

I personally think the band will suck bad.. the band members are washed up bits of crap.. I do believe they even know it.. I don't understand why they just don't let the poeple in thwe house pick any song in the world to sing.. rather then only getting to pick out of a few.. its really ****ty cause they never get good songs to choose from.. I've heard like 5 different nirvana songs, and radiohead songs.. its so stupid.
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