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Originally Posted by Spike*Spiegel
i like him just the same. its just the fact that he was a bum and yet still keeps that air of arrogance about him. youd expect rich people to be snobby asshols like that, not a bum. he makes me smile.
i just hate him because it just seems like for every song he sings from every band.. its like he doens't change it at all to make it more fit his personality.. to make it more him really.. like the most of them do. He just seems to TRY and sound like the "Nirvana, Radiohead, etc.." and I think he's copied his flamerness from Queen and Daviod Bowie.. he just seems like a fake.. its also weird seeing someone that ugly have that much confidence. just saying haha.. not that being ugly has anything to do with anything.
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