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Well I actually put some thought into mine.

Built to Spill- I would Hurt a Fly
Cat Power- The Coat is Always On
Pedro the Lion- Winners Never Quit
Joanna Newsom-Sprout and the Bean
Belle Epoque- Une Simple etoile
1905- Fall
A Day in Black And White- Forward Backward
Cap’n Jazz- Take on Me
1905- Throw
Hum- Stars
Nick Drake- Pink Moon
Johnny Cash- Hurt
Tool- 46 & 2
Dinosaur Jr- Goin Home
Neutral Milk Hotel- Holland 1945
Bright Eyes- A Perfect Sonnet
The Shins-Caring is Creepy
Bob Dylan-You’re No Good
Tilly and the Wall- Nights of the Living Dead
Neil Perry-Fading away like the Rest of Em
Neil Perry-Nine Minutes of Non-Fiction
She Died Real Pretty- Cain and Able
Woody Guthrie- Do Re Mi
Iron & Wine- Sunset Soon Forgotten
The Stone Roses- I wanna Be Adored
Streetlight Manifesto- Moment of Violence
Pixies- Where’s My Mind?
The Beatles- I Me Mine
Violent Femmes- Add it Up
The Flaming Lips- Do You Realize?
Tiger Army-Through the Darkness
White Stripes- Hotel Yorba
Sufjan Stevens- John Wayne Gacy Jr
Run Dmc- My Adidas
Screaming Trees- Nearly Lost You
Desaparecidos-The Happiest Place on Earth
Elliott Smith- Say Yes
Death From Above 1979-Losing Friends
Neutral Milk Hotel- The King of Carrot Flower pts
Radiohead- Karma Police
Tom Paxton-Looking for the Moon
Hot Cross- Tacoma
The Faint- Victim Convience
Falling Forward- Drought
Envy- Unrepairable Gentleness
Primal Scream- Know Your Rights
Primal Scream- Kill All Hippies
Folk Implosion- Natural One
Pavement-Range Life
The Vines- Ride
Unicorns- Tuff Ghost
Metric- Poster of a Girl
Harvey Danger- Flagpole Sitta
Oleander- Why I’m Here
Collective Soul-December
Mudhoney Thorn
Circle Takes the Square- Crowquill
The Clash- Tommy Gun
Queens of the Stone Age- Long Slow Goodbye

This looks so much longer in Word. Well it's like 3 hours worth of music.
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