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Default Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose

1. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
2. The Politics of Starving
3. We Laugh at Danger (And Break All the Rules)
4. I Still Love You Julie
5. Scream it Until You're Coughing Up Blood
6. Jordan's First Choice
7. Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious...
8. Reinventing Axl Rose
9. Baby, I'm an Anarchist!
10. Walking is Still Honest
11. Eight Full Hours of Sleep

Against Me! is simply put, a great band. They're a folk anarchy punk group and goddamn do they put on a show. Reinventing Axl Rose holds a special place in my heart due to it being the first Against Me! album I heard. And it rules. Songs like Jordan's First Choice and Baby, I'm An Anarchist! show the depth and emotion of this band. All in all it rules. DO IT

(I realize I typed Crime As Forgiven By. It's not, it's Reinventing Axl Rose. Promise!)
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