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Hi guys,

As a lot of you will know the topic of Emo is highly disputed, just by looking at the wikipedia discussion page on the topic "Emo (Music)" you can tell that no one really agrees completely about this topic. Therefore I have set up and Emo Wiki. A wiki allows users to write articles, much like wikipedia, but this particular wiki will solely focus on the Emo/Hardcore topic. The idea of this wiki is to allow everyone to write their own article on how they perceive the Genre, the best articles or at least the most informative will be put on my site (in signature). The most important thing about this wiki is to allow everyone to share their views of Emo, don't edit other peoples articles, if you want to write your own article use a title such as "Emo Music by (your name)". You can write an article about anything in the genre, fashion, culture, people etc. Registration takes about a minute and then you are free to write your own article! Anyone editing another members article will be banned as that is not the point of the wiki.

Go to the link in my signature to see the wiki and write your own article! Hopefully in a short time we will have a huge database of Emo Articles written by people that actually KNOW the genre, the fans.

Also feel free to browse my site, (also in sig)

Ask any questions in this thread...
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