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Default I'm Albino Man, I Know That I'm Pink and Pale


This guy is so good, I got the 'Shadows on the Sun' LP, really great rap album. Sometimes he gets blown off because he is on RHYMESAYERS and people immediatly think of that as 'nerd rap' or whatever they wanna call it, but Brother Ali is the real deal. He is an Albino Muslim Rapper from Minneapolis, and he really isn't bothered by the fact that he is albino or anything else that people would call 'set-backs'.

My favorite song is Forest Whitiker, it's about his albinism and other problems he picks out about himself ("Depending on the day, and depending on what I ate/ I'm anywhere from 20-35 pounds overweight/ I've got red eyes, and one of 'ems lazy") but he pretty much gives a big fuck you to anyone who doubts him ("I am what I am docter you ain't gotta love me")

Anyway, he is really good and I reccomend that you download at least that one song.

EDIT: Forest Whitiker probably doesn't give a GREAT impression as to what the rest of his music sounds like, it is more mellow and less in-your-face than some other songs. I reccomend listening to 'Room With a View' as well.

"Everybody's saying that Ali's a big teddy bear/ Till they scream 'stop slamming the car door, that's my fucking head in there' "
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