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Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger View Post
*Ponders if he should start another Tool are f*cking awful '''''debate'''''*

It would be all too easy, it's got to be the most re-occuring topic in Musicbanter history, well, next to a debate involving Nirvana.

As for me, Indie pop bores the shit out of me. Sounds like Coldplay running through a field of daisy's. And you know, I'm all for creativity but not when they dress it up in pink and make it sound like they were holding hands with Elton John at the time of thought.

Yorke wannabes are the scum of the earth.

I hate barks, any vocalist that barks really pisses me off. Disturbed are guilty, Metallica is guilty. Yuck.

Guitars that sound like they belong in an arcade game like Streetfighter are the pinnacle of bad sounds.

There are only about 6 songs in total that I like from In Utero, Incesticide and Nevermind combined.

I find Grunge is generally awful. I could round up probably 20 decent grunge songs and the rest is just dry oatmeal.

I love doom but I don't particularly like drone.

The Mars Volta are awesome but I don't like listening to them.

That accent (usually found in some form of punk) that sounds like a 16 year old american boy whose testicles are on the verge of dropping. Thats not entirely specific, but it's just anything from the vocals of Greenday to Simple Plan to AFI. Those vocals that scream "Yes, I am the last person on earth".

Dave Grohl is a fucking loser.

Nelly Furtado pop is 10 times better than Nickelback rock. And I hate Nelly Furtado pop.

Since metal and indie lose out in this post, I thought I'd even things up and say Rush and Yes are incredibly boring. I like prog, but theres just some stuff where I draw the line. Technically they're good mumble,mumble,mumble but god they just don't do anything remotely entertaining.
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