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And just to show how predictable this band probably are , all the following speculation is based on hearing 10 seconds of one song.......

They`re your typical post grunge MTV favourites with a pretty boy singer looking mean & moody.
The song starts out with a loud crashing (yet predictable) riff before slowing down allowing a close up on the pretty boy singer looking pain & angushed and he mumbles about something painful like a girl leaving him or his cat dying or whatever.
Then suddenly the main riff comes back & we get the singalong chorus probably filled with stuff about not being broken or defeated or you won`t ruin my life because only I can understand my pain type bullsh*t.
Then the song goes slower again but not quite as slow and the vocalist is starting to sing a little louder & sound a little more pained before we reach the chorus again.
Then we go into a refrain of the first verse , only sung really aggressively and the vocalist will be throwing himself against walls in some isolated room or corridor while it`s shot in black & white looking even more pained & angushed than ever before , yet still looking cute to please all the watching teenage girl and then we get the chorus again before the song closes with a shot of a dove or something flying into the sky.

In other words just like every other angsty rock band of the past 15 years.

Am I close?

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