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Awesome deep artist Rahi High, check him on Myspace/rahihigh


According to Rahi High
A man comes from distant lands in search of what he cannot see.
There he’ll find the man whom others say holds the key.
“I hear what you’re saying, and I don’t mind praying.
I don’t mind kneeling down.
Explain to me what I must do…
What must I do to seek the Kingdom?”

“Diamond rings & golden chains, they really do not mean a thing.
Give up all these things and you’ll receive the Kingdom in your heart.”

A woman sits alone, convicted of a deadly crime.
A band of hypocrites charged
She’s loved too much, too many times.
“You hear what we’re saying,
That she should be paying for all the things done wrong?”
“What deadly crime has this woman shown?
The one without sin throw the first stone.”

“See, what goes around does come around the river ’round the Sun. So judge not today ’cause what you mock, tomorrow you’ll become.”

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