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Default Explain American Football To People From The UK

This is like a sister thread to the one Right-Track started because I was flicking through the TV and there`s a live game on & i`m totally baffled by it.
So hows about answering me a few questions.

Why do you need time outs when the play seems to stop every few seconds anyway?

From what I can see there are 11 players on the pitch , so what do all the other 90 odd on the sidelines do?Why do you need so many? Do players ever play in more than one position during a game?

Why is it called a touchdown when you don`t even have to touch the ball down like you do in rugby for example?

Why does the clock seem to stop & start at total random?

I`ve been watching about 10 minutes & not seen a single player kick a ball yet, so why call it football?

Why are you so obsessed with statistics? why is it important to know how many yards a player has thrown a ball forward all season?

Don`t you ever get bored of the endless commercial breaks in the middle of a game?

Don`t you think it would be more interesting if a player ran out of play with the ball that the opposition got possession instead of his own team , don`t you think that would add a little more skill to the game instead of just running out of play you`d have to make than little more effort to go further?

What consitutes a proper tackle , does he just have to knock the guy on the ground or does he actually have to hold him down till he can`t move?

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