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/\ Yes what urban wanted was a kiss-ass sell out responce that equates to baseline pandering. Come on man, don't be one of those "I wish I were brittish" kids. Don't hate yourself in 10 years.

Theres a whole **** ton of questions there man, let me take one.

Its called Football because it came over when futeball had no definitive rules and so carrying, kicking, throwing and passing were all legal by virture of no ruling made possible.

As I recall, the general rule in England was that you kicked it as we know UKfootball today, and was only cemented in law when someone just picked it up and ran down field.

Meanwhile stateside, the only reason football here is football here is because America at the birth of the nation was violently anti-british changing the spelling of words and the origin of like-oriented sports but not identical ones.

If you really want to know who decided that we'd carry it and wear pads and all that ****, You'll have to blame Harvard (I blame them for everything) becuase they are the ones who instutionalized it.

As a small adjunct, Soccer is called that because the name used to be some super ass long one like Socially Organized Football Leauge, and it went to Soc. Football, and then later, Soccer by what I can only speculate as Rob Schnider-esque "copy guy" morons.

Pretty or not, thats how it came to be.
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