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Originally Posted by oojay View Post
So this is the place to get out all of your pent up political aggression. No more spamming other threads with your (my or Raine's) crackpot political views. Well today is election day. It is a distinct possibility that Republicans could lose control of Congress. And if I hear the words "Speaker of the House Pelosi" I may go on a shooting spree.
Pelosi will most likely become speaker of the house. now if hilary clinton makes it into the white house, all hell will break loose and i'll go on a killing spree.

in any event, i just came from my polling center and made a few exit polls. It looks like my disctrict is going democratic.
I think the eigth district will go republican though. (that's just my guess)
and the voter turn out is larger than I initially hoped. However, there are a lot of first time voters in my area and one of the exit poll questions was about the war in iraq and some of them didn't seem to know more about it than iraq was in the middle east. At one point (a 19 year old dude) thought the US captured osama bin laden.

a lot of people it turns out (my to my surprise) are against abortion. and gay marriage.

Oh and PS: speak for yourself my political views are not crackpot I'll have you know.
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