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It`s a while since I did anything in here but i`m in the mood to start it up again so here we go.........


First off I have to say that this is going to really difficult because I do not have a clue how i`m even going to begin to describe this album , In fact i`d even struggle to tell you which genre you could stick this under.All I can do is tell you this album is wonderful and just say how it sounds to me. I`m sure if anyone listens to it they`ll disagree with me totally and roll off a load of other names that this sounds like but it doesn`t really matter, the point is this is in a class of it`s own.
I know virtually zero about this band , I know they`re made up of four beardy multi-instrumentalist none of which have a defined role in the band , and that they`re a backing band for ex Swans vocalist Michael Gira. But thats about it.
The album opens with the 9 and a half minute epic Blessed Force which starts off sounding like Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart fronting The Mars Volta , before going off on various tangents including bubbly acoustic guitar and chanting before finishing off in some kind of freeform jazz interlude. The second song Gone Beyond is an acoustic folk song , The title track sounds like a cross between and Irish folk song and a sea shanty. Next comes a couple more slower tracks , No Space In This Realm verges on post rock , Lightning Bolt Of Compassion is another acuostic ballad.The Rider (Dolphin Song) is a 7 minute psychadelic wig out. The final song Love & Space is a mellow track that sounds like a Pogues song sung by a barbers shop quartet.
A totally weird album , but I love it.In fact it`s easily one of my favouirte albums of the year.

Favourite Tracks - Blessed Force , Meek Warrior , Lightning Bolt Of Compassion , The Rider (Dolphin Song)

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