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I'm breaking the rules, there are 6 people in my band.

Vocals/Guitar: Mikeal Akerfeldt
Vocals/Guitar:Arkadius Antonik
Vocals/Keyboards and stuff: Steve Wilson
Vocals/Flute: Ingeborg Anna
Drums: Mike Portnoy

I'm sure it looks odd, however, just imagine how badass progressive psychadelic folk metal would be. The problem that I'd see this band having would be Mike and Steve being a bit over pretentious so I'd leave the lyric writing to Anna.

I chose Portnoy for drums because he's good all around, and figured wouldn't be too bad of a choice. Martin Lopez would've made the perfect drummer having worked with both Mike and Arkadius but the thread starter asked that no two people from the same band.

The vocals may look a bit over done but I enjoy all of their vocal styles and they all something different to offer vocally. Steve would be used in the more psychadelic sections, Anna adds a female vocalist in there, Mike's harsh vocals have a doomy sound to them and his cleans sound good with metal, and Arkadius has a slightly higher growl which I think would fit well with Mike's lower pitched growls.

The choice of guitarists works because Mike is familiar with both metal and psychadelic stylings while Arkadius is good with metal and folk. It gives them the ability to work with most combinations there. Both have worked with progressive structures which should work out well.

Steve is in there because he is good with the psychadelic elements of the music which should round out the sounds.

Tundra has worked with folk metal and thus should know what he's doing on bass.

Ingeborg Anna isn't out of place with all the folk stuff going on and the flute would make the metal parts different from your typical metal.

And now you all think I'm a crazy nut for dreaming of progressive psychadelic folk metal.
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