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Originally Posted by swimintheundertow View Post
More testosterone of course doesn't mean that you'll definitely commit violent crimes. Though they should do a study on how XYY never got in trouble with the law.

I don't think you choose your friends. Think about it. When you're little you hangout with kids in your neighborhood. Correct? And basic real estate is that houses/apartments within a half mile of each other, about the distance your parents will let you stray when you're 5, are about the same the price. Most people buy the best place they can afford, especially if they have kids. So it's not a far stretch to say that the kids have similar economic backgrounds? So there, you haven't really chosen your friends. I don't think you can choose what situations you're in either. I mean if you're parents didn't guide you then again it's just not your fault. If your parents do guide you either wouldn't put your self there or when you did they'd correct you.
But while there may be 100 kids in your neighborhood, it is up to you to choose which ones you will associate with. And why are we talking about kids anyways? Kids only commit a negligable percentages of murders or violent crimes, despite their genetic "pre-disposition". And it seems that youre insuating that people of the same social class will have the same morals, actions, and reactions. That is in no way true.
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