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Originally Posted by Merkaba View Post
Whats the problem? That makes perfect sence to me. If I was brought up in an extreme christian sect, I would have little or no control on my environment, yet I would be influenced by it.

By some? Thats playing down a truth if ever I saw one. Try and tell me you could go through your upbringning in that environment and not be predisposed by it.

Jesus man, most people in the world have backbones formed by their upbringing. Everyone was 12 at some stage.
If you hated your environment, then leave. Its that simple. Or if you dont believe in what youre being taught, then DONT LISTEN TO IT

Genetic pre-dispositions are a theory at best. My father beat my mother all the time when I was younger, and I have never raised a hand to a woman, nor have I even been tempted to . I guess im livng proof that youre wrong :\ And people dont have backbones b/c they dont have confidence, something that cannot be "taught", despite of being 12 or otherwise.
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