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Originally Posted by riseagainstrocks View Post
And besides, by your definiton, God is at once, all loving and all hating. He made all people correct? So unless you don't consider homosexuals people, then he made them as well. Well, if he made someone designed to sin, then isn't that sadistic? The Christian God is a diety raised not to love, but to use as a fear-inspiring idol. The tenets of "love" and "charity" that are preached in your houses of worship, are not applied in everyday life.
technically speaking for one prespective, he made people homosexual so the the other sex understand the other abit better, *** me(for the most part) know things more from a woman point of veiw, and visa versa, i like the fact i'll admit to being bi, on the more hetrosexual side, but i'm far more butch then my best friends boy frined, i'v only really cared about 3, i have been in love with more females, like my friend sqeak, she's got benifit in a since others don't, i'll let her get away with just about anything, but i won't kit, because me and squeak almost hooked up, but when it come to explaining the opposite sex to thoughs of the same sex(as myself) its easy, i tend to be recurited toplay"Dr. Phil for my friend they come to me with all their problems, though it get annoying on occasion, i don't mind to much

it all depends on the person
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