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Originally Posted by riseagainstrocks View Post
You have invented your own definition of Christian. God is unknowable. To know God is to be a God. And I'm rather offended about you saying I've pretended to be a Christian. It's people like you that finally convinced me that I was wrong to put my faith into something like that.

And actually, I'm studying philosophy. I intend to minor in it at college.

I don't think you quite get it. I don't like certain music. I'm very vocal about it. How long have you been on this site? How many posts of mine have you seen. Am I ever THAT serious when it's not a thread like this? No. I don't actually want someone to kill themselves for listening to a garbage band. It's an expression.

Grow up and stop taking everything so literal.
You CAN knwo God But youre not even a christain, so im not really sure why youre so worried about it And wanting to study philosophy is all nice and good, but I AM in college, and I HAVE studied philosophy, as well as ethics and religion, so you bookmarking wikipedia doesnt thoroughly impress me. And as far as taking things "literally", well excuse me for thinking you mean what you say
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