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Molded into my mind since I was a kid:
Adam's Song- Blink 182
Killing in the Name- Rage Against the Machine
Distance- Cake
Hanginaround- Counting Crows
Zombie- The Cranberries

More recently:
Organize- Contravene
More To It- Malignus Youth
Cries of the Past- UnderOATH
Giving Up Hurts the Most- UnderOATH
First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes
Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh- Bright Eyes
2:45 A.M.- Elliott Smith
Say Yes- Elliott Smith
In My Eyes- Minor Threat
Good Guys (Don't Wear White)- Minor Threat
I'm Back Sleeping, Or Fucking, Or Something- Moss Icon

Long list, but all these songs have deeply affected me and partially determined the person that I am now.
A mi no me importa nada
Para mi la vida es un sueño
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