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Default Most Overrated AND Underrated At The Same Time?

This idea came to mind today. There are some bands out there who have huge (and often extremely annoying) fanbases, who will consistently make such claims as "band X is the greatest band eva loz!!!!1111", and who will hype up to almost God-like status each member of the band and their individual skills. This, unfortunately, tends to provoke a reaction from non-fans, who rather than hating on the fan-base, tend rather to do the total opposite of what the fans do, and instead just focus their attentions on hating the band, its music (that they've probably never even given a fair listen to), and mocking the band members.

What we end up with are *good* bands who, while on the one hand are extremely overrated by their fanboys, are also totally (and unfairly) underrated by non-fans.

The question is... how many bands of this sort can you think of? One that has to instantly spring to mind for me, is Tool.

Also, MAYBE Slipknot (who are a lot more than many give them credit for, like them or not).
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