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Originally Posted by Sweet Jane
No way, the stuff Jeff did was better than his dad's. Tim obviously has a more impressive back catalogue, thats all. I think Jeff had more potential in terms of talent, he has a much better voice, musical talent is at least 'as' good, and the songs he did have time to write were beautiful, and most of the covers he done were handled very well, would be so easy to ruin Leonard Cohen.
But thats basically the point i`ve been making all along.
I don`t deny he had potential , but he never fulfilled it. I think it`s unfair to say that someone COULD have been better than someone else if they were never around to prove that they were .Nick Cave has been putting out top quality albums for over 25 years both with the Birthday Party & his own stuff, there are not many bands that can say that. I can`t think of a single dip in quality throughout his whole career.
To suggest that Jeff Buckley is better on the strength of one album , of which he didn`t even write around a third of it just seems a bit stupid to me. And that is why I think Nick Cave is better than Jeff Buckley.Plus I think Nick Cave has a much more expressive & distinctive voice.
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