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Originally Posted by elatedsky View Post
Over-produced? u mean the music industry now is out-of-control? hmmm what's emo?(:
by that i meant, the producers are making the sound too clean. For example nirvana's nevermind was done far better and cleaner then bleach, but it made them sound too fake.

The difference between seeing this bands live, and hearing them on a cd is far bigger, and you realize they can't perform for crap.

emo=meaning "emotional" emo is actually okay, or was, but modern crap like my chemical romance, panic at the disco, fall out boy, or bands like them or totally crushing it.

Just picture Grunge all over again, just this time with eyeliner and tight jeans.

So all and all what im saying is singin in a whiny tone, and being depressed is the latest trend.

Though the "being depressed" part has been around in music forever.
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