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Originally Posted by ZeppelinAir View Post
From Yesterday and The Kill are great songs, for those who do not like 30 Seconds To Mars, um.......why take time to complain about them, dont yall have lives(i admit i dont). it depends on the persons taste in music if they like em or hate em, most people seem to hate em, most people i am friends with like em so i guess it also depends on personality. (bad idea saying that From Yesterday and The Kill are great songs, preparing to be overcome by insaults)
It takes 10 seconds to type up a reply pointing out the obvious suck that is 30 Seconds Of Mars, I woudn't say someone didn't have a life if they bashed them.

This being said they suck.
Originally Posted by METALLICA89 View Post
Ive seen you on muiltipul forums saying Metallica and slayer are the worst **** you kid go suck your **** while you listen to your ****ing emo **** I bet you do listen to emo music
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