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Originally Posted by right-track View Post
The modern definition of R&B, offends me.
Well, get unoffended because its a very widespread nomenclature.

Yes, modern R'n'B doesn't sound like 60's R'n'B. At all. Really the main connection is that the R'n'B scenes were predominantly started by black people in the US* and at least the name shows there was an evolution and inspiration from the old to the new. Even if you don't think the new is anywhere near as good.

The new music might be produced with a very pop-styled mix but it still has strong blues influences in terms of the notes used in the melodies and a lot of the song subjects (well, rather people still sing about the blues and use a lot of 'blue' notes in the music). So to that extent it can lay claim to the word 'blues' in its title. Its not an old grouchy man playing a pained, lonesome guitar solo, but it still has a large component of blue.

The word rhythm is a bit more misused but, well, there are rhythms in it even if the rhythm section isn't generally very interesting. I'd say the same thing about 60's R'n'B though**, so it's not any greater misuse of words. The name R'n'B applied to modern music isn't as nonsensical as people suggest and, furthermore, I predict it will be in use for some time yet so get over it.

*Yes, I know about you and your Northern Soul, RT.
**If you compare it to Jazz or Drum'n'Bass in particular.
Originally Posted by Katyppfan View Post
When Pete plays it is 100% live , your music if that's what you call it doesn't sound so good either? so you can't really critercize can you ?
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