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"products wearing products, no respect for our forefathers"

This is an interesting line, in that a listener could read a lot into it beneath the surface, and at the same time it's conveying a pretty direct message.

"it's simply due to how much of my heart you are worth"

I like this very much. Unique way to say something that's been said a lot already.

"If you never feel the burn of the risk of the world
I tell you, girl, you'll never succeed
If you never understand how a plan is beyond bland
then you shall never ever feel free"

Tossing girl into the middle of a line will never feel anything but cliched at this point. It reeks of pop-cheese. And "how a plan is beyond bland" is expressing a solid (if overused) concept in a way that's as corny as a field on the side of the highway in Pennsylvania. I can't explain why.

"She keeps her mind on her laurels, though they go against my morales"
I could see this in a Dresden Dolls song, it's theatrical and kind of funny. Though it might make more sense to say she keeps my mind on her laurels.

There are as many throwaway lines here as there are minor gems. But then, a great many songs written by respected professionals are like that. The only thing I don't understand is how the verses relate to the chorus. They don't seem quite relevant to each other. Maybe you could explain the connection a bit and it'll make more sense to me...
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