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Default Feeling like Making Trouble - "We Are The Champions" = greatest song ever?

Although I'm new and I hope that all the popular music audiophiles on a site like this have sat down and really listened to this song, I must say that for the last few months I have really been thinking - "We Are The Champions" by Queen could be the greatest song of all time. Now, I'm not usually one to get into this whole "greatest thing ever" crap, but if I was to be one, I think I could mount a surmountable argument for this f--king hit of a song!

If the point of a song is to sonically describe feeling, emotion, and/or passion in 3-5 minutes, I cannot think of a song that better does this than this one. There it is - the feeling of winning, laid out in a wonderfully built chord progression, excellent yet simple and easy to understand lyrics, sung by a great vocalists, with great use of harmony ("go on and on and on and on..."), and great production... In fact, this song is so good, you can play when you win something stupid like a game of checkers and feel like man for five minutes, lol... "I just beat your ass in checkers... we are the champions!" It just hits that feeling. In fact, I've read that in several polls taken across the world, it is the worlds, most loved song...

Now, popular media (TV, Movies...) has turned this song into somewhat of a gimmick (The Mighty Ducks Trilogy comes to mind recently), but I think the quality of this song is so high that it's important to listen to it outside of that context and really just realize how good this song is... so turn up your system, open up your ears, and enjoy Freddie Mercury's classic tune... One of the best if not it...
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