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Reading your posts are a complete waste of time Crowquill, you're just trying to defend yourself, and you can't do it, you can't defend what is an obviously a lie: that you mods. show any kind of fair treatment, and you're continuing to be unfair by slandering me by only showing the comments that support your point. Anyone who wants to read through the posts can, and see that I have contributed a lot of positive and intelligent things to say, A Perfect Sonnet, possibly, although I haven't personally read anything that I felt. Like I said, read his posts, if you want to make this an objective discussion. Alright, I've learned that you don't like people bumping threads, even if it means just simply relocating their position from lower in the page to higher in the page; and then someone comes on there and sees that I voiced my opinion: I think so and so band sucks, or I like this band. I could have assumed that all the 12 year olds on this site would get really ticked off about it, and can't leave it alone, so they have to go in there and badmouth me by saying bad things about me. Outside of the rap battle thread, I never instigated anything w/ anyone. If someone tells me the bands I like suck, that's fine, but slandering me isn't fair since none of you have ever met me. Like I said, Crowquill, arguing w/ you is pointless. You and all your middle school friends can say whatever you like. I would like anyone who wants to review this thread objectively to go the thread: Punk:/Hardcore & Emo:/New Hot Cross and see how all of this got started. This was actually me at my lowest when I decided to stoop to the level of people half my age, I have since apologized and decided not to associate w/ them any longer.
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