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Default Frank Turner "Sleep Is For The Week"

Frank Turner "Sleep Is For The Week"

Label: Xtra Mile Recordings
Release Date: January 15, 2007
Genre: Folk/Singer-Songwriter
1. The Real Damage
2. Vital Signs
3. Romantic Fatigue
4. A Decent Cup Of Tea
5. Fathers Day
6. Worse Things Happen At Sea
7. My Kingdom For A Horse
8. Back In The Day
9. Once We Were Anarchists
10. Wisdom Teeth
11. The Ladies Of London Town
12. Must Try Harder
13. The Ballad Of Me And My Friends

This is Frank Turner ex-frontman of Million Deads debut album and follow up to his EP Campfire Punkrock.

The album begins with the "Real Damage" which is a straight up acoustic song with that pick strum ort of deal. It shows an obvious lyrical difference then his stuff from Million Dead. The lyrics are pretty straight-forward, its basically about a rough weekend.

After that is "Vital Signs", which has a cheery, sort of anthemy? Chord progression this one isn't just acoustic theirs drums and such. Its also rather straight forward, "i'll be dead but never dying and I say that with a smile its just my way of trying to be alive."

Next is "Romantic Fatigue" which is similar to Real Damage, except theirs more instruments involved. The song is basically about writing songs to get girls and then running out of songs to write so just changing the names of ones you already did.

Following that is "A Decent Cup Of Tea" which is mellow and sort of sad sounding. Its got a sort of low quality sound to it, I know alot of reviews i've read have said this is the worst song on the album. Personally I think it shows some of Franks best vocal work and theirs nothing wrong with it musically. Its about being a close with girl whos miserable and wanting to be with her and its obvious but she just doesn't see it.

Next is "Fathers Day" which is most similar to Vital Signs musically, that whole full chord drums etc and even a violin this time. The song is basically about a dysfunctional relationship with a father "what’s the point in us making vows that we’re never going to keep? I keep trying to keep you up, but you keep on falling asleep and all the promises we made were painful and untrue, but for better or for worse, I am turning into you."

Next is "Worse Things Happen At Sea" its similar to A Decent Cup Of Tea minus the low quality vibe. The picking, I can't think of the right word at the moment anyway the guitar part fits the theme perfectly for some reason. The lyrics are basically about the end of a relationship I love alot of the lines though because it sums it all up perfectly.

"My Kingdom For A Horse" is slowed down, but it has a full band. I love this song for some reason the intro put me off for a long time. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, the lyrics mean quite a bit to me personally. Its about a girl leaving because of a guys problems and the guy wanting her back.

"Back In The Day" is the next song, which basically talks about frank getting into punk and how much its done for him. The song is the most upbeat on the album and one of my favorites.

Following that is "Once We Were Anarchists" this is my favorite song on the album. It basically talks about Franks view lately on protesting and all that,

"I’m young enough to be all pissed off
But I’m old enough to be jaded.
I’m of the age where I want things to change
But with age my hopes have faded.
I’m young and bored of being young and bored –
If I was old I could say I’d seen it all before.
In short, I’m tired, and in short I’m probably fired.
If the revolution doesn’t want me I don’t give a shit."

After that is "Wisdom Teeth" which is a slower song. It talks about well, I feel lazy quoting verses to describe the songs but the final verse sums it up perfectly. "yes my wisdom teeth have been giving me grief they woke me up to find that I’m exactly the kind of guy I said that I’d rather be dead than be in the days before I got laid."

Next is "The Ladies Of London Town" which talks about girls in clubs "wearing too much make up and showing too much flesh" and basically about all the pretty girls at clubs and not being able to get them. Musically its sort of a sped up Once We Were Anarchists, I guess would be the best comparison. More Vital Signs Fathers Daysey though.

Following that is "Must Try Harder" which is sort of like, A Decent Cup Of Tea its basically about how a son can try harder and be better then he is but his mother loves him anyway.

The final song is "The Ballad Of Me And My Friends" this song is fantastic, its a live version and i'm so glad it is. The song is about having fun with your friends even if you won't really do anything worth remembering or that anyone cares about.

This album is pretty good, mainly because I love Frank Turner. But he has this certain thing about his music that makes it so enjoyable.

Recommended Tracks: Once We Were Anarchists, The Ballad Of Me And My Friends, Back In The Day, The Real Damage
Album Rating: 6/10
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