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Originally Posted by swimintheundertow View Post
this place is pretty decent so I thought I'd share.

29North Records, Online Mailorder

Interpunk usually charges more than label sites so I try to stay away.
true dat, for those of you who dont know, 29 north is level-plane's distribution site, they have really good deals on a heck of a lot of bands. I like them a lot more than interpunk as well. The owner is also the drummer of Hot Cross and was the drummer in Saetia =). Robotic Empire - Online Store is also a great distro site, it is also a record label who put records by Circle Takes The Square, Daughters, Pg. 99, and Kayo Dot. They're both awesome places to shop and theyre both very prompt on their shipping. A lot of times theyll include free posters and such as well.
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