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Exclamation Ashlee Smpson (Autobiography 2004) Geffen Records

I just bought this album last week after hearing how damn good I am Me was.
It is a lot more about Ash's relationships than about her personally. Which is a different approach but is still good all the same. Her vocals on all songs a awesome, she shows real feeling and deep emotion on all songs and it not afraid to say what she thinks.

I also luv the rock, pop, feel on every song. till when the drums start up 2 when they stop. My particularly favourite songs are "LaLa" "Better Off" "Love makes the world go round" and "Shadow" even though I like all of em equally anyway.

The songs are real catchy 2 sumthin' you can sit back and let it take you into her world. Its like being in heaven itself its that good!

I give this album a Definite 10/10. I'm usually a big rap supporter and sumthing like this that is completely different that I got hooked on his a big change for me.

There are 13 songs on this album
as follows
2.Pieces of Me
5.Love makes the World go Round
6.Better Off
7.Love for Me
10.Nothing New
11.Giving it all Away
13. Harder Everyday

Luv you ashlee!keep doin' ya thing girl.
thanx 4 hearing us out on this.


Ashlee Simpson is tha Queen of Pop Muzik 4 Lyfe!

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