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I know it's this guy's 1st post, but this dude's actually pretty awsome!

"Tom Allalone was born in Cold Harbour, Gravesend in 1983. Cold Harbour lies in the shadow of Windmill Hill, where everything is fine. But Cold Harbour bares the scars of true Thames troubles. A dead Indian Princess, a house with an upturned boat for a roof, & a series of smugglers’ tunnels are all sewn into the personality of the town, and the music of Tom Allalone. Not since Charles ****ens has anyone encapsulated the true essence of Gravesend, the town that once hosted the worlds biggest pleasure gardens, complete with bear pit and tightrope walks by the Great Blondin. Tom cut his musical teeth in flop house jazz bands but soon branched out into what we now know as rust. Whilst playing in rust bands like The Debonaires and The Penny Dreadfuls, Tom met Matthew Evans, Richard Clarke and Tommy Connor and soon the basis for The Great Expectations was in place. These Days, taking musical cues from Bee Bop, Jazz, Blues, Rockabilly and Swing, Tom Allalone paints a picture of a real town with a guilty past and some all too unattainable dreams for the future."
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