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Default Nirvana- nevermind album review

Alright, so I’m unoriginal, but there’s really nobody that can say they dislike this album. As cliché as it sounds, there is a reason that this will always be remembered as the definitive rock album of the 90s. The album has sold nearly 20 million copies in the world. As I mentioned, for a good amount of time this was my favorite album of all time. Nirvana was really the first rock band I got into, and I spent a good year being completely obsessed with this album. I remember playing Smells Like Teen Spirit over 200 times in a single month.

The Highlights are definitely Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Come As You Are, and In Bloom. On my greatest songs of all time list these classics come in at number 4, 12, 28, and 43, respectively. But songs like Something in the Way, Stay Away, and Lounge Act add variety, balance, and consistency. Even weaker songs like Territorial Pissings and Polly are better than 90% of the music out there today. The album flows well, with heavy tunes on tracks 1-11, and finishing with the very beautiful and tender Something in the Way.

So why isn’t it number one? Well, first of all, this album isn’t very mood inducing. There’s more rocking out, than there is introspective analysis. Also, while being incredibly catchy and addictive, Nevermind doesn’t produce much of an emotional response, except maybe anger. Next, though incredibly timeless in general, there are some songs on the record which get tiresome after repeated plays. Finally, the vocals on this album are merely average; let’s face it, Kurt Cobain was a genius, but his singing can be painful at times.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit – 9.8

2. In Bloom – 9.2

3. Come As You Are – 9.5

4. Breed – 7.5

5. Lithium – 9.6

6. Polly – 6.7

7. Territorial Pissings – 6.9

8. Drain You – 8.0

9. Lounge Act – 8.4

10. Stay Away – 8.5

11. On A Plain – 8.2

12. Something in the Way – 8.6
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