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Default Suspicious Package outside my office window @ MSG

So here I am sitting at my office, and all of a sudden im hearing cop cars, fire engines and im like wtf. So I look outside my window, i see a suitcase on the floor, 2 fire engines, multiple cop cars and the bomb squad. Mind u the bag is literally right in front of my window. Our intercom goes off saying please stay in the building, we will instruct you further once we get more news. I'm thinking, this fool must be crazy.....the rest of the office stayed behind so im like what the eh.

Next I see a man with a big suit place a camera next to the bag and then hide behind a police im sweating a little more....20 minutes later the intercom goes off again saying the police have given it the all clear.

I look out the window again, and i see the bomb guy walk over and lie down next to the package, im thinking if they gave the all clear, hes being very cautious....

In the end everything turned out ok....but its quite nerve wrecking to be so close to something like this.....

I just hope it dont happen again....what an eventful morning..

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