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Ok I'm an old git but I have never lost my love of music and my tastes are constantly being expanded on but I have never lost interest in bands I still like what I was into over 20 years ago! I will try and be as brief as possible!

The first real music I got into was in 1986 (aged 14) and that was metal specifically IRON MAIDEN and SAXON. This then got me into THRASH METAL which was taking off big time METALLICA/MEGADETH/SLAYER all releasing seminal albums in 86. This in turn led me onto the U.K HARDCORE scene with bands like NAPALM DEATH and EXTREME NOISE TERROR, and then the U.S hardcore scene with bands like DRI/LUDI CHRIST/AGNOSTIC FRONT.

I looked the part then-long hair leather jacket etc, but I was also starting to get into the other side of rock-MARILLION/PINK FLOYD/BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST and also bands like TANGERINE DREAM and CLANNAD (quite chilled), and getting into these bands caused a lot of consternation with a lot of my harcore metaller friends whom I found to be quite narrowminded, so I cut my hair, ditched the jacket and said bye bye! although I retained my interest in Metal (this was approx 1990),.

For six or seven years I wasnt into any particular scene and did'nt follow the new batch of metal and flirted with the UK BRITPOP scene in the mid 90's. Things changed in 1988 when a friend in a new job gave me a dancechillout CD and i was hooked and got into stuff like NIGHTMARES ON WAX/MASSIVE ATTACK/JOSE PADILLA/CAFE DEL MAR series/UNDERWORLD, and also reggae and DUB was surfacing on my listening radar-BLACK UHURU/BURNING SPEAR/MAD PROFESSOR/LEE scratch PERRY etc.

In 2002 I manged to get in touch with my old schoolfriend with whom I shared a love of metal and this reignited a love of this genre so bands like DISTURBED/GOJIRA/LAMB OF GOD are listened to.

Finally over the past year I have been getting into some HIP HOP- A TRIBE CALLED QUEST/ROOTS MANUVA/PUBLIC ENEMY/THE HERBALISER/THE ROOTS and through these very boards am now just starting to listen to POST ROCK and quality SKA PUNK .

So there you go they have changed dramatically, but I still like all the old stuff I listened to-obviously there are a few bands that dont stand the test of time though!

I listen to as many different genres as I possibly can and love finding new music. I can honestly say I will listen to anything once If someone loans me some music.
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