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Man great idea for a thread!

I spent most of my childhood singing along with Robbie Williams (using a roll of tinfoil as a microphone)!

Started getting into other music. First of all, Greenday. I loved Greenday, and a lot of their old stuff is actually good (check out Kerplunk and anything up to Warning). Then once again like everyone else I started to listen to Metallica, and I stayed listening to them for about two years, don't listen to them anymore but I did see them live last summer and they rocked!

I started listening to power metal like a mad mutha****a. Bands like Rhapsody (of Fire), Hammerfall, Stratovarius and then instrumental guitar music like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen (shut up!).

Started listening to Megadeth a lot more, and they became my favorite band (still are)! And a few heavier bands like Wintersun and Arch Enemy, both excellent!

2006 onwards

I still listen to loads of power metal like DragonForce, Rhapsody, Edguy, Sonata Acrtica and Angra. But I'm more into the likes of Katie Melua, Stevie Wonder, Travis, KT Tunstall, John Mayer, Manic Street Preacher and Muse!

My music taste has changed, and there's a lot more that I couldn't remember!
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