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age very young ti'll about 16 - I listened to basically just alice in chains, rush, floyd, zepplin and whatever other random ass 60's/70's records my mom had.

16-19 - First it was just whatever I saw on tv. ThenI got the internet and got on a site called audio galexy and I was looking for bands and then it would tell what other bands sounded like them. Also around that time was my first metalcore/hardcore show.(from autumn to ashes, every time I die, throwdown, cassius clay hahaha) and listened to pretty much nothing but metalcore and or hardcore. I also had gotten into pg.99 early on but not a lot until later.

19-now - Everything. After doing a lot of acid I decided music was amazing and I'd give everything a chance. Maybe it's made me more elitest haha but whatever. First it was bands from the dc emo scene and then it moved on to avant-garde **** like godspeed and the millions of side projects they had. Then I started to listen to more rock oriented stuff and got really into a lot of no wave and noise bands from the 70's like art bears and henry cow. And as of lately it's been a lot of electronic and shoegazey **** like slowdive and m83 and even some stuff with more rythym to it like battles or dj shadow and also a lot of free jazz.

edit: oh and is the best site ever if you want to find new music.
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