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Woody Guthrie may be the most influential and Bob Dylan may be the poster boy but, Pete Seeger is the most worth while artist in American folk. He has a wonderful voice that's smooth and golden, lyrics that are still relevant today which is impressive when considering the amount of poliltical songs he did, musicianship, and an amazing down to earth personal auora about him. I have never seen nor heard anyone play the banjo like this man. I’m not sure that there are too many people who can play a fretless banjo with such ease as him. He had a show in the mid-60s called Rainbow Quest I recommend you watch some of it on youtube. My first encounter with Pete was God Bless the Grass and I can’t think of a more perfect album. Of all the projects he was in (The Weavers, Peter Paul & Mary, Collab with Guthrie and many others) his solo stuff still strikes me the most and I don’t there’s a cover he’s done that isn’t my favorite version that exists with the sole exception of This Land is My Land.

He had a very interesting life a good easy read is on wikipedia
Pete Seeger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some people may call slapping a wiki link up here laziness but I don’t see anything wrong with. It’s much better than me paraphrasing or stumbling about the facts that I do know.
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